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PostSubject: KNOWING   KNOWING Empty15/5/2009, 02:08

KNOWING 25s7n9s

[b]Quallity & Release
Type of movie:Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Official Premiere :26 March 2009
Director:Alex Proyas
Scenario writer: Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden
Actors:Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, D.G. Maloney, Lara Robinson, Nadia Townsend, Alan Hopgood

KNOWING Imagec70049c92f5b

Plot:In 1958, in the ceremony of [agiasmoy] school, the students make various drawings, with a view to they are stored in [chronokapsoyla]. A student however fills her glue with innumerable accidental numbers. In 2008, the particular drawing of young student falls in the hands of small [Keilemp]. His father, professor in the profession, will be the one that will discover that the coded message forecasts with exceptional precision the dates, the deaths and the coordinates of all big destructions of last 50 years. While the professor unfold the clew of this curious affair, he realises that the particular drawing forecasts also three facts, that have not even happened in which is involved this and his son.

[b]link: 7MIQ0I
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