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PostSubject: DREAM THEATER   16/5/2009, 04:30

bitrate : 256 kbps CBR
covers inside
wiki :

(1989) When Dream And Day Unite
(1992) Images And Words
(1993) Live at the Marquee
(1995) A Change Of Seasons
(1997) Falling Into Infinity
(1998) Once In A LIVEtime
(1999) Metropolis Pt. 2- Scenes From A Memory
(2001) Live Scenes from New York
(2002) Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
(2003) Train Of Thought
(2005) Octavarium
(2007) Systematic Chaos
Κώδικας: dt_disc.part01.rar dt_disc.part02.rar dt_disc.part03.rar dt_disc.part04.rar dt_disc.part05.rar dt_disc.part06.rar dt_disc.part07.rar dt_disc.part08.rar dt_disc.part09.rar dt_disc.part10.rar dt_disc.part11.rar dt_disc.part12.rar dt_disc.part13.rar dt_disc.part14.rar dt_disc.part15.rar dt_disc.part16.rar dt_disc.part17.rar dt_disc.part18.rar
Systematic Chaos Links 320 kbps CBR dt_sc.part1.rar dt_sc.part2.rar
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