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 Eminem - Discography

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Eminem - Discography Empty
PostSubject: Eminem - Discography   Eminem - Discography Empty16/5/2009, 05:09

Eminem - Discography Eminememinem1192601

Talking Eminem - Discography Eminem (real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III) has been rewarded by the academy Grammy for his multidimensional action in American show bizz (as raper, producer of music and casual actor). Up to today, it has sold round the 70 millions disks worldwide. It is also, according to the book Guinness, fastest in sales artist rap, while the "? The Marshall Mathers LP"? it sold 1.7 millions copies in the first week of circulation. To 2005, however, declared that it will make a break from the solo discography, but that it will continue composing music with colleagues artists rap.


* Infinite LP (1990) 1990_Infinite_LP.rar

* Fu***** Crazy (1998) 1998_Fu_Crazy.rar

* Slim Shady EP (1998) 1998_Slim_Shady_EP.rar

* Slim Shady LP (1999) 1999_Slim_Shady_Lp.rar

* Marshall Mathers LP (2000) 2000_Marshall_Mathers_LP.part1.rar 2000_Marshall_Mathers_LP.part2.rar

* Off The Wall (2000) 2000_Off_The_Wall.rar

* Rap Attack (2000) 2000_Rap_Attack.part1.rar 2000_Rap_Attack.part2.rar

* 8 Mile Limited Edition (2002) 2002_8_Mile_Limited_Edition.rar

* More Music From 8 Mile (2002) 2002_More_Music_From_8_Mile.rar

* Eminem Show (2002) 2002_Eminem_Show.part1.rar 2002_Eminem_Show.part2.rar

* Freestyle Show (2002) 2002_Freestyle_Show.part1.rar 2002_Freestyle_Show.part2.rar

* Hits And Unreleased (2002) 2002_Hits_And_Unreleased.rar

* The Shady Aftermath Sampler 8 Mile (2002) 2002_The_Shady_Aftermath_Sampler_8_Mile.rar

* Freestyle Battle From 8Mile (2003) 2003_Freestyle_Battle_From_8Mile.rar

* Straight From The Lab (2003) 2003_Straight_From_The_Lab.rar

* Eminem Is Back (2004) 2004_Eminem_Is_Back.rar

* Encore (2004) 2004_Encore.part1.rar 2004_Encore.part2.rar

* Curtain Call (2005) 2005_Curtain_call.part1.rar 2005_Curtain_call.part2.rar


* Bonus Tracks Bonus_Tracks.part1.rar Bonus_Tracks.part2.rar Bonus_Tracks.part3.rar

* Bonus Tracks 2 Bonus_Tracks_2.rar

* Eminem - Presents The Re-Up Eminem_-_Presents_The_Re-Up.part1.rar Eminem_-_Presents_The_Re-Up.part2.rar

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Eminem - Discography
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