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 Pickup Drop Off

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PostSubject: Pickup Drop Off   Pickup Drop Off Empty18/5/2009, 06:59

Pickup Drop Off Revelstokepickupdropoff

holy shit Shocked xD

Every Moment Is Another Chance!
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PostSubject: Re: Pickup Drop Off   Pickup Drop Off Empty14/12/2011, 22:03

I've never found the off-site car-rental pick up place a hassle. I used it for the first time during my most recent trip to Vegas, and it was fine. It took me much longer to reach the one at DFW.

I guess the question is if you really need a car at all. If you're attending a meeting and don't plan on eating off-site or visiting lots of other places in Las Vegas, maybe it's better to do without. The hotel shuttles are cheap, and you could probably take 3 or 4 taxi trips for the price of a car rental.
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Pickup Drop Off
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