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 Need For Speed Undercover

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PostSubject: Need For Speed Undercover   Need For Speed Undercover Empty29/5/2009, 20:10

Need For Speed Undercover 0005nk6

Indubitably, the last part of line Need For Speed, acquaintance with subtitle " ProStreet" , it did not accomplish it acquires particularly positive impressions - [stin] majority of criticisms since made a complete turn in achieved style of previous titles. Legitimately therefore, the new effort of Black Box (person in charge for Need For Speed from Underground and afterwards) transports to us for one more time in the illegal fights of speed in the streets of fantastic city Tri-City Bay.

Need For Speed Undercover 0022tx7

In the presentation of Undercover, which became from Jesse Abney of mentioned before team of growth, it became known that we will take the role of secret police officer, something which rather [prodidetai] by the subtitle. For one more time the history will be promoted via cutscenes, where we will see real actors, with the difference that this time the shootings took place in Hollywood. The [parapano] information is rather translated in the existence of real settings, contrary to digital drawn backgrounds that existed from Underground and later, while it became known that their total duration will amount in the - roughly thirty thinly. From the start it will become [periferthoyme] freely in the streets of Tri-City Bay, even if it did not become explicit [an] will exist some remuneration for her exploration - except from the likely chases that it can we have in the event where we find itself in the optical field of some police car. Seeing the total of map we can say that the extent of new city is absolutely satisfactory, offering three big islands, which are linked with enormous bridges. As reported olmost Abney, Tri-City Bay it is the bigger city that has created up to today Black Box.

Need For Speed Undercover 0052dg3

In the demonstration gameplay that followed was revealed new mode with name Highway Battle, which places us in a big motorway where we will aim at as we are found front by each rival car with the end of predetermined time interval. Abney reported in this point that the circulation in the streets will be recommended by drivers that will have a lot of superior artificial intelligence from the one that we saw in the previous titles. Will this element allow in the drivers of conventional cars to react [realistikotera] so much in our own control, what in that of opponents, creating each time "? [organikes]"? and separate reactions in the circulation. In the trial that we had later with the title we could not distinguish certain perceptible difference in the reactions of cars, however, it is very likely to constitute element which will become it is observed and it will be appreciated then from more extensive pastime with the game. With regard to in the mainer piece of title, which naturally is not other than the control, our impressions were sure positive. Undercover indubitably uses a arcade system of handling, which accomplishes he is particularly entertainer, allowing in the fast control and the easy realisation of various difficult manoeuvres. It is enough we say that the cars reacted as precisely we would wait for in a film of action. The vehicles it will become is degraded in enough big degree externally, however the damage will not be translated never mechanically. As it was explained to us this decision became so as to is not given the impression in the player that it is punished for his effort to run in utmost. It deserves it is marked that the all game will be played in one concrete hour of day, which is placed roughly in 6:30 A.m. Abney named him characteristically “magic hour of day” and it supported that it offers the more ideal lighting. Optically the NFS Undercover, even if it does not offer something separate, is found in satisfactory levels attributing a “compact” picture of city. To the end of presentation we could not avoid the question with regard to the successive turns of 180 degrees that became in the franchise with publication of ProStreet and now with Undercover. As it explained to us the executive of Black Box, the closed dance floors of ProStreet to them offered the possibility of dealing [exolokliroy] with the improvement of technical sector, while - as is natural their creation was more exigent contrary to the growth of open environment. More concretely, via ProStreet, they accomplished improve natural, graphic but also the system of destructions, elements which could henceforth transport him with relative facility in the open world of Tri-City Bay. As it is natural, for one more time will exist abundance of choices mainly in the choice of exterior transformations that we might involve in the cars. Our first trial with Undercover left to us finally positive impressions allowing us to hope that from 21 November - when it is also expected he is available it will accomplish it offers a appreciable new addition in the well-known line of EA.

Ful size : 4,4 Gb
Κώδικας: Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part01.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part02.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part03.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part04.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part05.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part06.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part07.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part08.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part09.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part10.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part11.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part12.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part13.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part14.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part15.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part16.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part17.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part18.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part19.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part20.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part21.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part22.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part23.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part24.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part25.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part26.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part27.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part28.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part29.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part30.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part31.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part32.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part33.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part34.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part35.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part36.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part37.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part38.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part39.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part40.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part41.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part42.rar Need_For_Speed_Undercover.part43.rar
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PostSubject: Re: Need For Speed Undercover   Need For Speed Undercover Empty14/6/2010, 21:59


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Need For Speed Undercover
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